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    1. Innovation

      R&D that sets us apart

      Interaction, ideas and innovation: the driving force behind our business.

      As the market landscape for our customers continues to change and evolve, future thinking has never been more important. It’s why we invest in a creative, collaborative culture and in environments where our research and development (R&D) teams, packaging professionals and multi-discipline experts can work side by side to invent and test tomorrow’s exciting products and solutions.

      What’s more, our manufacturing expertise and broad product portfolio deliver tailored solutions that are cost-effective as well as fit for purpose – from food packaging and medical blister packs to credit cards.

      From idea to solution: Our marketing and innovation process

      Co-creating packaging solutions of the future

      The kp i.center in Charlottesville, USA, is one of the industry’s first packaging technology centres. It is a leading-edge collaborative space where we work with customers, especially those without their own in-house capacity, to develop solutions for their packaging needs.

      The centre was established to meet the needs of global pharmaceutical packaging professionals, including those in operations, marketing and procurement, for both branded and generic products.

      Ideas flow freely in an open and welcoming environment where packaging professionals can immerse themselves in idea sharing with kp’s expert packaging design engineers. These facilities have led to the discovery of innovative new packages and optimised prototypes, and helped customers to rapidly prototype new products.

      Working with the kp team, customers can use the in-house demo facility to test and assess designs in real time. This cooperative approach can greatly reduce the time taken to design and choose packaging, reducing costs and shortening product-to-market release.